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Finn is LOVING his new life, as you can see from this picture. He's made plenty of new friends with neighbors' dogs, and learned to Sit, Stay, and Come in just 2 days :) 


Formerly known as Melba, Daisy Bella is now with her forever home up in Connecticut! Her sweet family is absolutely besotted with her, and she loves having two human sisters. 


After a rough start in life, Phebee finally found her family. She is now a professional cuddler and fairly decent baby-sitter. She loves her new home in New Mexico. 


Julia is so happy and safe in her forever home. She has human family members, and other dogs to play with, as well! 


Sweet Cyril made the long trip over from Thailand, just to find his perfect forever family. We miss his sweet face around here but are all so happy that he now has the life he deserves. 


9 month-old Mac has finally made it to the home of his dreams! His forever family is thrilled to make such a loving, laid back dog a member of their pack.  

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